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Image by Elijah pilchard


pronounced: bye - sin

You've likely heard of the Buffalo. There's Buffalo, New York. Buffalo Sauce. The Buffalo Bills. The list goes on. It's less likely you've heard of the BISIN.

BISIN is dedicated to elevating your brand in the marketplace, much like we are making a name for ourselves amongst the buffaloes of the world.

There is so much noise out in the world today that it might seem like your voice is lost in the mix. You have put in the work to build a foundation from which to offer excellent products and services. Now its time to level up your brand, your media and your messaging to continue growing. 

Get the BISIN difference.


JOhn Jakubisin

Head of Brand Consultation

Specializes in helping you recognize, craft and leverage your brand. In the overwhelming noise of the modern marketplace, your unique voice is your differentiator.

Looking forward to working with you!


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